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Floor Barre

With Open Studio

for Kids

Sundays (6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30)

9:00 - 10:00 AM

What is Floor Barre?

Floor barre is a unique combination of basic ballet techniques, yoga, and pilates that focuses on strengthening your core. In this class, we start on a yoga mat, where we work on lengthening and strengthening your muscles and improving your body's alignment. After that, we move to the barre, where we do more exercises to help you maintain proper alignment without the assistance of the floor. You can expect a full-body workout that is slow-paced, allowing you to be more aware of your body and movements.

We ensure everyone's body is in proper alignment to prevent injury during the class. We also incorporated weighted balls, resistance bands, and balancing equipment to improve your form and balance.

We kindly request that you wear comfortable clothing and bring a pair of socks to wear during the class. The class is paced slowly to allow you to turn your mind inward and work your muscles deeply.

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